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Robotic Parking Systems manufactures high-speed automated parking structures from hundreds to thousands of cars. Architects and developers can use 50% less space for parking the same amount of cars and create more space for design, development and community enhancements.

By reducing the land area used for parking, the Robotic Parking System gives projects opportunities for more revenue generating space. Or, the space saved can be used for green space and open areas to help meet LEED standards.

The flexible, modular Robotic Parking Systems can be built above ground, underground, inside a building, on top of a building or under a building. These AutoCAD drawings will help you plan how a Robotic Parking Systems can create space for your project.

To view these files you'll need AutoCAD or an AutoCAD Viewer such as DWG TrueView.


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RPS 100
The RPS 100 is an ideal solution for small sites with a high demand for parking. Undergound applications can realize major savings in excavation costs.








RPS 200
The RPS 200 is the perfect solution for sites where only a small area is available at the entry / exit level of the garage.



Our top of the line RPS 1000 automated parking garage can accommodate from 200 to over 5000 parking spaces using half the space of conventional ramp parking.

The Type 1 AutoCAD drawing shows an example of an automated garage using a steel structure.


The Type 2 AutoCAD drawing shows an example of an automated garage using a concrete structure.

(Sample drawing coming soon.)


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