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Robotic Parking Systems Create Space for Design

Use 50% Less Land Area for Parking

Parking, while a necessity, is not the highest and best use for land on any project.  Architects regularly have to compromise design or reduce revenue generating space to accommodate required parking.

Using 50% less land area than a conventional  ramp style garage,  the compact Robotic Parking System is the solution. Minimizing the impact of parking creates more space for design that can be used for additional revenue, green space, common areas for the community or other uses that benefit the project as a whole.

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The Façade of a Robotic Parking Garage Can Blend Seamlessly into Any Project or Neighborhood

Architects have creative freedom with a Robotic Parking System. The steel or concrete supporting construction of the Robotic Parking System will accept any style of façade. This allows architects a free hand in designing the external appearance of the facility. Whether you choose a half-timbered, brick, aluminum, concrete or glass facade, the choice is yours. The garage can be designed to fit harmoniously into its environment. Entry / exit terminals can also be integrated into the façade environment, while observing both visual as well as functional criteria.

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