How Automated Parking Works

1. Drive into the garage and park on the pallet.

2. The computerized control system rotates the car and pallet 180 degrees so the car is facing forward when it is retrieved.

3. Lifts take the car and pallet to an upper level.

4. Car is transferred by another carrier that moves it laterally into an open space.

5. The car and its pallet are moved to the designated parking space.

Robotic Parking Systems creates more green space and less garage space. Take a tour of the opening of the 765 space garage in Dubai.

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RPS 1000

The RPS 1000 automated parking garage can accommodate from 200 to over 5000 parking spaces using half the space of conventional ramp parking. Learn more

RPS 100

An ideal solution for small sites with a high demand for parking. Underground applications can realize major savings in excavation costs. Learn more

RPS Lifts

Robust, durable and safety-compliant industrial lifts transport vehicles from floor to floor in conventional garages. Available with and without turntable. Learn more

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Comprehensive maintenance programs ensure a high level of reliability. Learn more

Enhance the Robotic Parking System with add-on products such as an automatic car wash. Learn more

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Steel fabrication and erection services for typical structures to very complex assemblies from pressure vessels to power plants. Learn more

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