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Pinellas Park, Florida - 114 Spaces

Designed, built and have been operating a 114 space Robotic Parking System in Pinellas Park, Florida since 2006 ....

This robotic parking garage was completed in 2006 and serves as employee parking and the company's research, development and testing facility.

Robotic Parking Systems, Inc. manufacturers its machinery from raw steel to finished product using off-the-shelf, high-quality electrical and mechanical components with L10 lifetimes of 40,000 hours or above. As part of its strategic partnership with Robotic Parking Systems, General Electric supplies all motors, electronics and automation controls for the company's automated garages.

All of the automated parking machinery produced in the Clearwater, Florida factory undergo a 24 hour stress test and certification before being shipped to a job site. Rigorous quality control procedures are followed to ensure the flawless operation of the machinery and equipment being implemented in the field.

Pinellas Park, Florida

Number of Spaces 114
Type of Garage RPS 1000
Footprint 97 ft 2 in x 72 ft
Height 32 ft 5 in
Levels 4
Entry / Exit Terminals 2
Number of Years Operated 5 years





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