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Robotic Parking Systems — The Biggest Ideas in Automated Parking

Robotic Parking Systems is Bigger, Greener and Faster than any Automated Parking Garage Ever Built!

Architects, developers and city planners all want to build projects that improve the lives of people. Using the compact storage of Robotic Parking garages, scare and expensive urban real estate is freed up for design and development. Tenants benefit from faster, safer parking and better design. The community benefits from better looking buildings and more common areas and green spaces.

A Robotic Parking System helps to create the space to grow a greener city while reducing pollution, traffic congestion and carbon footprint. To learn more about Robotic Parking Systems click here.

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Guinness World Record | Robotic Parking in the News

2018 Guinness World Record

It became official in February, 2018. For the second time a Robotic Parking Systems' facility was awarded the Guinness World Record for the Largest Automated Parking Facility in the world - 2,314 spaces.

TUV Middle East Certifies Performance

TUV inspects and verifies throughput performance for number of cars per hour and average single car retrieval time.

Robotic Parking ISO 9001:2015

Robotic Parking Systems is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

... now ISO 9001:2015 Certified for the Design and Installation of Robotic Parking Systems.

Guinness World Record | Robotic Parking in the News

Largest Automated Parking Facility

Automated parking facility designed and manufactured by Robotic Parking Systems earns recognition as largest in the world.

World's Luxury Guide | Robotic Parking Systems in the News

Luxury parking

... That being said, there are exceptions to every rule, including a few architectural works of art that prove that even parking can be luxurious...

NY Times | Robotic Parking Systems in the News

Space-Age Garages That Save Space

"... displays a stunning agility. It lifts and carries cars about on computer-controlled steel pallets as if they were delicate ballerinas ..."

Wall Street Journal | Robotic Parking Systems in the News

New Parking Garage Features Shelf Service

For drivers leaving or retrieving their cars at a parking garage, it's a dream.

ABC News | Robotic Parking Systems in the News

ABC News

When you return ... no guesswork about where you parked.

CNN | Robotic Parking Systems in the News


" ... it could put to rest a car owner's worst parking nightmare ..."

BMW Magazin | Robotic Parking Systems in the News

BMW Magazin

"One of the top ten parking garages of the world."

Saving Money and the Environment

Technology that benefits the human condition—while also making good business sense—is the ultimate achievement at Robotic Parking Systems.

You'll never have to scour the lot again

In5Minutes, News and events - visually describes the Robotic Parking System in pictures.

Infrastructure meets Technology

Great Futures (from The Mark for Toronto Star newspapers) takes a look at how technology is changing even the most traditional forms of infrastructure.

Die schönsten Parkhäuser der Welt
(The most beautiful car parks in the world!)

Germany's main daily newspaper included the Robotic Parking Systems' 800 space garage in Dubai as one of the most beautiful car parks in the world!

The Coming Boom in Robotic Parking Garages

Imagine your vehicle delivered to you in moments by an automated valet summoned via your smartphone.

A garagem do futuro é totalmente automatizada

Ela já existe. A garagem do futuro está presente há mais de 50 anos em países onde o problema da demanda por estacionamentos é antigo.

Robotic Parking Systems Simplifies the Traffic
Jams Associated with City Parking

Finding a parking spot in the city is a hassle, plain and simple. That's why my company, Robotic Parking Systems, set out to change the way the world parks.

The world's strangest car parks

Drive up to the car park linked to Dubai's impressive Ibn Battuta Gate and you could be forgiven for thinking it nothing more than a single garage.

Robotic Parking: Solution for Urban Environments

Recently GE Fanuc did a story on Robotic Parking Systems as a solution for parking in urban envioronments.

World's 18 Strangest Parking Garages

Robotic Parking Systems is included as one of the world's most intersting and innovative parking garages.

Q&A with Royce Monteverdi of Robotic Parking
Systems & David Laurello of Stratus Technologies

A Robotic Parking Systems garage is a ballet of automation and IT orchestration.

Robotic Parking Systems Prevents Crashes
With Uptime Assurance From Stratus

Instead of driving up and down parking garage ramps in search of an open space, how about driving into a street-level "terminal" and letting an automated valet system do the parking for you?


System resilience and proactive monitoring
drive automated parking

Robotic Parking Systems is out to change the way the world parks cars. And, in the process, improve urban land use, cut polluting auto emissions, and adhere to LEED green building construction and operation metrics.

Robotic Solution to Parking Woes

The robotic car park, one of the three largest in the world, can park 250 cars every hour.

Robots Take the Pain Out of Parking

An automatic parking system has opened near Ibn Battuta Mall, promising to take the stress out of finding and occupying a space in the busy city centre.

Mideast's First Robotic Car Park Opens

The first automated, multistorey car park in the Middle East opened its doors to the public in Dubai on Wednesday, as part of the completion of phase one of the Ibn Battuta Gate project.

Reduce Footprint with Robotic Parking

Perhaps the most technologically advanced of parking systems is epitomized by Robotic Parking Systems, of Clearwater, FL.

The best of the lot: Robotic car park

A commercial building near Ibn Battuta Mall has devised a new way to dispel parking blues - it has come up with a car park in which robots do the work for you.

AAA World | Robotic Parking Systems in the News

Space Age Parking

How do you cram more cars into fewer spaces? Ask the Germans ... one of the most intelligent inventions of the 20th century ...


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