What Others Say About Robotic Parking Systems

We've received feedback from property managers, architects, developers, parking and technology experts, users and even a US Senator. Here are a few comments received.

Property Managers

Anne Marie Shein, Senior Property Manager Ibn Battuta Gate, stated, "Since the automated car park opened three and a half years ago, you and your staff have provided excellent operations service and ensured that the automated car park is well-maintained and running flawlessly."

Ahmet Oktay Cini, CEO of Asteco Development Management, described the system as "a premium valet parking using state of the art technology." He added: "It means your car is safe from break-ins and accidents, or the dents and scratches that are usually the risk of parking in large car parks."

Asteco managing director Andrew Chambers Jones commented, "... parking or retrieval can be completed in less than 160 seconds. It is safe and secure and obviously doesn't expose expensive paint work to the abrasive elements during lengthy office hours."

Architects, Developers and Parking and Technology Professionals

“I have seen other systems around the world and there are none like this.  This is impressive.” (T.K., Developer)

“Wow!  It’s incredible how it works. " (Gil Winter, Developer)

“Upon completion of an independent evaluation of the Robotic Parking System by an automation consulting firm, the conclusion was: “……the technology appears well conceived and fully capable of meeting the requirement…We believe that the concept and the system are fundamentally sound.” (Automating Consulting Firm)

“Fortunately, there is technology being developed that allows for easy storage and retrieval.” (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

“Automation Solution Keeps Cars on the Move in 21st Century Parking Garage.” (GE Fanuc)

"Thank you again for all of your help and prompt attention to my requests. It is a real pleasure dealing with someone who gets things done quickly and efficiently." (W.D.F., Developer)

“I am quite convinced that (our city) is poised to become a focus for automated parking for all the reasons we have discussed.... Conventional garages are getting a well-deserved, bad name."  (R.B., Architect)

Patrons and Others

"I enjoy parking in your garage and am very pleased with the service." (US Senator)

"I love my parking garage. . . just want to let you know how happy I am."  (E.S.)

"It works like a dream."  (L.K.)

"Everything is great.  Easy to use and convenient.  Life is better.  Thanks for all your help."  (J.M.)

“The garage is fantastic and simple to use.  It has made our parking situation a hassle free experience.  We are so delighted to be a part of this historic event.  It is truly going to change the way we see parking in the future.”  (J.K.)

“I am very satisfied with my parking at the garage.  It is operated very well and everyone is very nice.  It is well secured and lighted and I find it to be a good choice.”  (N.D.)

"I’ve fallen in love again!  I am in parking bliss.”  (D.S.)

"I'd rather go without food than without this garage." (E.H.)


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